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home : news : health and wellness March 28, 2023

How one woman’s rare type of ovarian cancer was almost overlooked
(BPT) - Richmond, Virginia, resident Tiffany Stout never realized that in the prime of her life she would not only be battling cancer, but also a cancer that is rare with limited treatment options. She quickly learned how to become an advocate for her needs and an educator to others.Tiffany has a h... Read More

A rare strength: What one advocate wants you to know about the rare disease community
(BPT) - By definition, the term 'rare' implies something uncommon. When applied to diseases, it means a condition that impacts a small number of patients, usually fewer than 1 in 2,000. However, to have a rare disease, and the challenges it brings, is more common than many people may realize.Diane ... Read More

From struggle to success: One woman’s weight loss journey
- Real patient taking CONTRAVE at the time of her interview in January 2023 and compensated for sharing her inspiring story. Individual results may vary.(BPT) - If you've had difficulty managing your weight throughout your life, you're certainly not alone. Like project manager Janet, many people se... Read More

4 things U.S. workers need to know about beating inflation if disability strikes
(BPT) - The Social Security Administration implemented their highest cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) in four decades earlier this year. This annual COLA is based on increases in the Consumer Price Index as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This means former workers receiving Social ... Read More

Are you living with type 2 diabetes? You might need emergency glucagon, too
(BPT) - Pale skin, shakiness and sweating are just a few symptoms you might associate with hypoglycemia, which is known to be common in people with type 1 diabetes. But type doesn't matter: People with type 2 diabetes that use insulin or sulfonylureas are at just as much risk.Because there is a mis... Read More

A Life Without Limits Despite a Rare Disease Diagnosis
-(BPT) - Patient Advocate and Former U.S. Congressman Gregg Harper Shares his Family's Journey with Fragile X Syndrome and Discusses the Importance of Clinical Trials to Advance Treatment Options It is said that as parents, we try to teach our children all about life. But ultimately children are th... Read More

Why Every Woman Should Learn About Triple-Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC)
(BPT) - We often talk about breast cancer as if it is one disease. 'Yeah, she had breast cancer,' or 'she had a lump removed.' Even, 'she has breast cancer. She's going through chemo.'But all breast cancers may not be the same. And chances are good that unless you or someone you are close to has be... Read More

Game On: A Former Professional Soccer Player Shares Her Perspective on Living with Ulcerative Colitis
(BPT) - 'It's the stuff fans can't see that's hard to deal with.'Pushing through challenges is something professional soccer player, coach, and avid runner Rosie White* knows well. In a career that has spanned over a decade, she's competed at the university-level to the world's biggest athletic sta... Read More

A marathon, not a sprint: Life with chronic myeloid leukemia
(BPT) - On a Friday night in 1999, Al saw a TV commercial about a new cancer treatment that was enrolling patients in a clinical trial - a novel, targeted therapy that scientists were investigating for the treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia (CML), a cancer that develops in the blood-forming cell... Read More

5 ways to increase peace of mind about your home when you travel
(BPT) - Americans are eager to travel, but also feel nervous about leaving their homes unattended. As the spring and summer travel season heats up, many people are planning trips, but that doesn't mean leaving home for an extended time is easy. According to a 2023 trend report from SimpliSafe, a fo... Read More

The ABCs of fire safety
(BPT) - You have smoke alarms in your home, you check them regularly and you practice your emergency escape plan with your family - but are you overlooking an essential component of home fire safety as you check your spring to-do list? Having fire extinguishers can give you peace of mind and help e... Read More

Tobacco continues to play a starring role on screen – fueling youth e-cigarette public health crisis in the process
(BPT) - 'Tobacco's Starring Role,' Truth Initiative's fifth annual 'While You Were Streaming' study of the most popular 2021 onscreen entertainment among 15- to 24-year-olds released on March 7 has found that this content continued to normalize and glamorize tobacco usage which research shows drive... Read More

Springing into Your Health
(BPT) - Of all the things to love about spring - coming out of winter blues, seeing trees start to bud and flowers begin to bloom - another one is how it can help us re-focus on our health.Between the ability to spend stretches of time outside again, and a renewed sense of purpose as the days start... Read More

Just a click away: 5 benefits of online shopping
-(BPT) - Shopping online has radically changed since the early days of the internet. Nowadays, because of the rise of global e-commerce, you can find hundreds of thousands of products from around the world in seconds. Currently, about 75% of Americans shop for items online, according to Statista, a... Read More

5 products you can save on by purchasing online
(BPT) - More Americans are shopping online than ever before. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, e-commerce sales increased by 7.7% in 2022, with yearly total sales of $103.4 billion. There are many reasons why more and more shoppers are choosing online retailers, but one popular reason t... Read More

Sleep Health Tips: Basic Steps for a Happier, Healthier and Improved YOU
(BPT) - We have all been taught about the importance of getting a good night's sleep. But do you know why? Healthy sleep doesn't just help us feel rested and fully charged during the day, although it's the first thing we notice. Sleep is a natural process that is affected by our body clocks (or cir... Read More

Garage Door Safety Month: Staying Safe at Home
(BPT) - Did you know that your garage door is typically the biggest moving object in your home? Inspecting your garage door to identify any potential issues can go a long way toward ensuring a safe environment for your family. Garage doors are subject to normal wear and tear, and regular maintenanc... Read More

9 Simple Tips for Using Generators Safely and Preventing CO Poisonings
(BPT) - When winter storms, hurricanes and other severe weather events hit and knock out power, having a portable generator can make a power outage more tolerable. However, many people are unaware that portable generators can pose fatal risks.When operated incorrectly a portable generator can creat... Read More

How one woman showed up for herself after a metastatic breast cancer diagnosis
(BPT) - This content is sponsored and provided by Novartis.'I have cancer. Cancer doesn't have me.'Lisa, a Maryland mother, grandmother, travel agent and minister, is adamant about not letting breast cancer prevent her from living her life to the fullest. After an initial diagnosis of stage II horm... Read More

A Test To His Testimony: Thomas’ Multiple Myeloma Story
(BPT) - Sponsored by GSK - Thomas, an African American man, shares his multiple myeloma story: from diagnosis at a young age to continued treatment to his role in clinical trials and as an advocate. This is his personal story, and others may be different. Thomas is a paid spokesperson for GSK.Thoma... Read More

Understanding the Most Common Type of Breast Cancer: What Every Woman Should Know When It Spreads
(BPT) - One of the worst things a woman can hear is: 'You have cancer.'The unfortunate reality is that one in every eight women in the U.S. is diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their life. In fact, breast cancer is the most common kind of cancer nationally, and there are different subty... Read More

Fabulous fungi: 4 benefits of using mushrooms for skincare
(BPT) - Mushrooms are trending. From pop culture to food and drink to home décor and tattoos, you can find mushrooms everywhere you look. According to Artful Living, the mushroom renaissance began during the pandemic as people began foraging and growing mushrooms at home.These fabulous fungi aren't... Read More

Trouble sleeping? Try these tips to upgrade your sleep routine
(BPT) - The transition to spring means the beginning of daylight saving time, warmer and longer days, and the emergence of spring allergies while we begin the annual ritual of spring cleaning. This variable weather and increasing daylight can be disruptive to your daily routine and nighttime slumbe... Read More

4 reasons public safety leaders should invest in mental wellness for first responders
(BPT) - First responders handle the most high-risk, urgent and dangerous events in their communities. Police officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), paramedics and other public health workers all fall under the category of first responders, and the nature of their jobs can tak... Read More

Treating Chronic Migraine: One woman’s path to managing the disease
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How the COVID-19 pandemic may have changed the way people living with ulcerative colitis approach healthcare
(BPT) - Living with a chronic and incurable disease like ulcerative colitis (UC) can be difficult. According to the American College of Gastroenterology (ACG), this inflammatory bowel disease can cause chronic diarrhea with blood and mucus, abdominal pain and cramping, and weight loss. While managi... Read More

5 tips for driving safely at night
(BPT) - Are you having trouble driving at night? According to the National Safety Council, your depth perception and peripheral vision can be compromised when driving in the dark. Even with high beams, visibility is limited to 500 feet ahead of you, giving you less time to react if you see somethin... Read More

4 tips to boost your family's nutrition and fitness this spring
(BPT) - With warmer weather just around the corner, it's the perfect time for you and your family to spring into action and really hone in on overall nutrition and wellness. Not sure where to start? Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist Dawn Jackson Blatner shares easy ways to elevate your family's... Read More

Finding joy in the darkness: A teenage cancer patient’s story of hope, family and an amazing trip
(BPT) - Emma Frommeyer is a typical teenager in so many ways. She loves music, makeup and hanging out with friends. She's also an incredibly smart honor roll student, however, there is one thing that sets her apart from most teenagers … Emma has a brain tumor and is fighting for her life... Read More

Antibiotic resistance elevates importance of testing for UTIs
(BPT) - Have you suffered from a UTI recently? Maybe you've had several in the last year? Urinary tract infections are common, especially in women, though anyone can suffer from one (or many). One of the reasons for persistent or recurring UTIs - infections that last a long time or become more freq... Read More

Is Colon Cancer Risk Hiding in Your Genes?
(BPT) - Three-time cancer survivor Wenora Johnson shares what she's learned about hereditary colon cancer:Most of us know of someone who has battled colorectal cancer. It is the second deadliest form of cancer and affects about 150,000 Americans each year. But the disease doesn't always strike at r... Read More

Add getting vaccinated against pneumococcal pneumonia to your heart-healthy checklist
(BPT) - Did you know that if you have a chronic heart condition, you may be at increased risk for pneumococcal pneumonia? It's a potentially serious bacterial lung disease that can put you in the hospital or even be life-threatening.The heart and lungs are teammates - working closely together to en... Read More

Why regular testing is critical for protecting women’s heart health
(BPT) - JoAnne Foody, M.D., FACC, FAHA, Chief Medical Officer at EsperionWhether it's February (American Heart Month), September (National Cholesterol Education Month) or any month in between, we in the cardiovascular community aim to raise awareness about heart disease prevention in order to help ... Read More

4 Surprising Facts You Should Know About Endometriosis
(BPT) - Written by: Barbara McGuirk, M.D., a Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Specialist, and the Director of Reproductive Surgery at RADfertility and Program Director of the Endometriosis & Pelvic Pain CenterEndometriosis is a serious health issue that occurs when cel... Read More

5 unexpected ways lawns benefit our communities
(BPT) - Lawns are seemingly everywhere and while you may take them for granted, they're actually hard-working members of an ecosystem benefitting urban and suburban spaces in multiple ways. If lawns were eliminated, climate change challenges would significantly increase, including higher air temper... Read More

Over dark circles, fine lines and puffiness around your eyes? Here's what to do
(BPT) - Life is busy for everyone in different ways. Whether your days are filled with studying, parenting, climbing the career ladder or simply living your best life, days can get long and it can catch up to you. One of the sure signs of exhaustion and stress is when you wake up to find those drea... Read More

5 ways to get the most out of your massage experience
(BPT) - Massage therapy is known for its relaxing and restorative value, but did you also know that it is a powerful health-care tool for your body and mind? To get the most out of your next massage experience, follow these tips from Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals, the leading asso... Read More

Naloxone empowers everyone to be an immediate responder and save lives in fight against nation’s opioid epidemic
(BPT) - Physician anesthesiologist Dr. Bonnie Milas provides life-saving treatment every day, so when she found her 21-year-old son unresponsive on the kitchen floor, his lips blue, she knew what to do. He was suffering an opioid overdose only hours after being discharged from an inpatient treatmen... Read More

Expanding access to behavioral health services through telehealth
(BPT) - As we've learned, the COVID-19 pandemic impacted many people's mental health, which intensified the need for more behavioral health services across the country. Mental health is defined as an overall state of well-being that includes biology, emotional health and habits while behavioral hea... Read More

3 ways to get the most from your Medicare Advantage plan
(BPT) - How well do you know your health coverage? Now is the perfect time to review your Medicare Advantage (MA) plan and make sure you're getting the most from your benefits.It can be challenging to figure out how to use health plan benefits. And you might not be aware of all the benefits that co... Read More

Last Chance to Switch Your Medicare Advantage Plan
(BPT) - Have you ever bought something, tried it out and realized it just wasn't 'the one'? Well, how about choosing a Medicare plan and then after using it for about a month, you realize you chose the wrong plan. Enter the Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period.Currently running through March 3... Read More

Keeping My Body Moving and My Attitude Positive While Living with ALS
(BPT) - This content is sponsored by Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma America, Inc. (MTPA) and is intended for U.S. audiences only. Ned Patterson is an actual patient who is taking RADICAVA® (edaravone).The information provided here is general in nature and is not intended to be a substitute for pr... Read More

Uncovering Rare Cancer Symptoms That May Be Hiding in Plain Sight
Sorry, but your browser does not support the video tag. var bptVideoPlayer = document.getElementById("bptVideoPlayer"); if (bptVideoPlayer) { var cssText = "width: 100%;"; cssText += " background: url('" + bptVideoPlayer.getAttribute("poster") + "');"; cssText += " -webkit-backgrou... Read More

Endometriosis unveiled: Key facts for Endo Awareness Month
(BPT) - This content is sponsored and provided by Myovant Sciences and Pfizer Inc.Thirty years ago, a small group of advocates convened in Milwaukee to address endometriosis, a complex and often painful condition that impacts millions of women. This group, known as the Endometriosis Association, es... Read More

Five places in your home you’re forgetting to clean
(BPT) - With warmer weather, blooming flowers and longer days right around the corner, for many, this means one thing: spring cleaning.Whether you already have your essential cleaning supplies and a playlist queued up or don't know where to begin, accomplishing a major deep clean that leaves your h... Read More

5 ways to prioritize your health and thrive at 50+
-(BPT) - Life after 50 is a huge milestone worth celebrating. It's also a great time to shift your mindset and reflect on how your body is changing and what you'll do to stay ahead of potential health challenges.As you enter this next stage in your life, focus on how you can thrive now and in the y... Read More

New Hope for Those Suffering with C. difficile Infection, a Potentially Deadly and Contagious Illness
(BPT) - Sponsored by Ferring PharmaceuticalsEvery year, about half a million Americans suffer from a serious and potentially deadly infection called Clostridioides difficile (C. diff) infection.1,2 C. diff infection takes hold in the gut microbiome and people who suffer from the infection may exper... Read More

Schedule your routine cancer screenings today for better outcomes tomorrow
(BPT) - Cancer touches almost everyone. Nearly 2 million Americans are diagnosed with cancer each year. The good news is that cancer prevention and early detection can save lives.Results from the Prevent Cancer Foundation's first annual Early Detection Survey are below. Routine cancer screening can... Read More

Keep your heart happy and healthy in February and every day
(BPT) - Every February, love is in the air. Equally as important as keeping your heart full of love is keeping your heart healthy, especially given that cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States.[1] There are many types of heart disease, and most are progressive - me... Read More

How to Know When It’s Time to Be Tested for Gastroenteritis
(BPT) - Gastroenteritis affects millions around the world every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and can be caused by viruses, bacteria and parasites, with bacteria often causing the most severe illness. Many cases don't require gastrointestinal testing, but ... Read More

Worried about winter driving? Take time to prep your vehicle and trunk
(BPT) - Face it, winter driving is no fun - and it can be downright dangerous. While you may already be familiar with techniques for careful winter driving, like slowing way down and going easy on the brakes, you could be neglecting crucial safety steps to take even before you get on the road. Alon... Read More

It’s 2033 and you need surgery. Here’s how it will be radically different
-(BPT) - By Atul Gupta, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Image-Guided Therapy at PhilipsOne in 10 people undergo a surgical procedure each year [1]. That means that over the next decade it's highly likely you - or someone close to you - will too. This may sound like a scary prospect, but it doesn't have ... Read More

What is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy?
(BPT) - Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) can be a serious heart condition, yet most people with HCM may not even know they have it. To raise awareness and encourage those who may be at risk to speak with their doctors, states across the country are observing Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Awareness D... Read More

How to support people with Graft-Versus-Host Disease
(BPT) - Nineteen-year-old Meredith Cowden was nearly through her first year of art school when she started feeling sick. She visited her school's clinic and received a diagnosis of mono, along with antibiotics, and looked forward to feeling better soon. Instead, her symptoms worsened, leading her t... Read More

Apply Now for the Incyte Ingenuity Awards in GVHD
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4 reasons dairy in school meals is critical to children's health
(BPT) - School meals are a lifeline for many children who face hunger. Nearly 30 million children rely on school meals every day. Also, according to a 2021 peer-reviewed study by researchers at Tufts University and Icahn School of Medicine, food consumed at schools had the highest nutritional quali... Read More

Amazon Disaster Relief Donates 22M items, Supporting 99 Global Emergencies and Humanitarian Efforts Together with Amazon Web Services
(BPT) - The number of natural disasters has increased five-fold in the past 50 years, driven by population growth, climate change, and improved reporting. As the number of disasters continues to rise, so do their associated costs. In 2022, over 29 weather-related events caused damage worth more tha... Read More

William Shatner wants you to take care of your hearing
(BPT) - It's the sweet sounds of your favorite music and your loved one's voice. It's the morning alarm nudging you awake or the car alerting you that it's low on gas. It's the oven buzzing that your food is done or the fire alarm blaring that dinner is overdone.From cherished melodies to important... Read More

Watch your back: lifting techniques and tips to help home caregivers prevent bone and joint injuries
(BPT) - If you're a caregiver for a spouse or other family member at home, you already know how emotionally and physically challenging it can be. When you need to lift, turn or transfer a loved one to or from a wheelchair or bed, it can put added strain on your bones and joints.Fortunately, certain... Read More

5 Ways to Set Yourself Up for a Healthy Year
(BPT) - Do you want to adopt healthier habits this year? Improving your holistic wellness goes beyond improving your exercise and diet. There are many ways to invest in your health in 2023. Not sure where to start? Check out these five ways to set yourself up for a healthier you this year.1. Take a... Read More

How to find the right match for you … in a therapist
(BPT) - According to a recent Forbes Health poll, improving mental health was cited as one of the top New Year's resolutions for 2023. For those seeking a mental healthcare provider, finding the right one can feel much like dating - overwhelming to find someone who shares the same values, meets you... Read More

A new parent’s BFF in the kitchen: USA Pears
(BPT) - Bringing a child into the world is a wonderful thing, but as new parents quickly learn, the journey, much like that tiny being, is in its infancy. After experiencing physiological and emotional changes throughout pregnancy and during childbirth, mothers may be eager to return to their pre-p... Read More

Multi-platinum Singer and Songwriter Ally Brooke Hernandez Shares her Migraine Journey to Help the Latino Community Living with Disease
(BPT) - Content sponsored and provided by Pfizer. Ally Brooke Hernandez has partnered with Pfizer to share her experience living with migraine.For Ally Brooke Hernandez - a singer and songwriter who first rose to fame in 2012 while she was a member of a successful singing group - migraine has been ... Read More

Potatoscopes: What your astrological sign says about your taste in spuds
(BPT) - Potatoes are America's favorite vegetable, and it's easy to see why. They're delicious, nutritious and affordable. But with so many options, deciding how to eat them can be tough. So why don't you let your astrological sign guide you to the spuds you'll love the most?Aries (March 21-April 1... Read More

This Heart Health Month, Keep Your Family's Heart Health Top of Mind with These Recipes
(BPT) - When cooking for your family, do you consider the beneficial value of the ingredients you use? This February, as part of National Heart Health Month, prioritize your heart by making simple changes!According to the American Heart Association, more than half of Hispanic men and almost 43% of ... Read More

A novel option to treat the symptoms of heart failure
(BPT) - Heart failure, also known as congestive heart failure, affects more than 6 million adults in the United States according to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. It is a condition that develops when the heart isn't pumping enough blood to meet the body's needs - which can happen wh... Read More

How a mother’s insights helped her feel more confident managing her diabetes
(BPT) - One woman's story about how her life changed after over three decades living with diabetesParenting is a 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week job. For Melanie, it's not her only responsibility that runs on a non-stop clock. Melanie lives with type 1 diabetes, a condition that requires constant... Read More

Check out these 5 achievable goals for 2023
(BPT) - Some goals aren't attainable or sustainable for your life. Instead of making lofty promises that are unachievable, start with modest changes that you can accomplish and build upon in years to come. Not sure where to start? Check out these five achievable goals.1. Learn or resume a hobbyIf y... Read More

Championing health: Why a football legend is talking about pneumococcal pneumonia vaccination
(BPT) - Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana has been vocal about the importance of getting vaccinated against pneumococcal pneumonia - a potentially serious bacterial lung disease that can disrupt your life for weeks and, in severe cases, put you in the hospital and even be life-threatening.He thi... Read More

Interested but intimidated in joining a gym? These 5 expert tips can help
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Why eye exams should be part of your family’s health care checklist
(BPT) - Eye exams are important for children not only for general eye health but also because nearsightedness in children has increased dramatically in recent years1. Also called myopia, this eye condition means that while you can see objects close to you clearly, objects that are further away are ... Read More

How to Survive "Super Sick Monday" After the Big Game
(BPT) - Are you looking forward to the Big Game on Sunday but dreading the day after? You're not alone. Last year, 16.1 million Americans missed work the Monday after the Big Game, and 8 million scheduled the day off in advance. It's easy to see how this day has been dubbed "Super Sick Monday."In h... Read More

Do you have reliable backup power during severe weather?
(BPT) - As winter weather ravages across the country, homeowners are reminded that having a backup plan for power outages is important all year long. Reliable power is critical, especially for the elderly, families with children and people working from home.Now, more than ever, an automatic home ge... Read More

5 things you need to know about eye health as you age
(BPT) - As you age, it's perfectly normal to notice changes in your body. You may not be able to move as fast or hear as well. Age also increases your risk of developing wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a leading cause of blindness in seniors.February is AMD Awareness Month, making it th... Read More

5 ways to balance your cholesterol to help support your heart health
(BPT) - If keeping your heart in tip-top shape is top of mind for you, taking steps to maintain healthy cholesterol levels should be first on your to-do list. According to the American Heart Association, cholesterol is one of the major risk factors for heart disease that's controllable, making it c... Read More

Addressing the Urgent Need for Patients Living with Rare Lung Disease
(BPT) - Although considered 'rare,' idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) impacts approximately three million people worldwide. With symptoms like breathlessness during activity, a dry and persistent cough, chest discomfort, weakness, or tiredness that can make everyday tasks exhausting, IPF is one o... Read More

Keep your sweetheart safe from allergy and asthma triggers on Valentine’s Day
(BPT) - Flowers, food, fragrances and more - Valentine's Day is a special time to show your sweetheart you care with gifts and gestures both grand and small. The goal is to make your valentine blush and take their breath away. But you want it to be from the love they feel, not an allergic reaction.... Read More

Physician Anesthesiologists Ensure the Highest-Quality Care for Our Nation’s Veterans
(BPT) - Nine out of 10 Americans agree: the nation's Veterans deserve nothing less than the highest-quality health care. Yet a proposal by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) risks lowering their standard of care by replacing highly trained physician anesthesiologists with nurses in surger... Read More

Probiotics, Prebiotics, Postbiotics, Oh My! Why Your Wellness Routine Isn't Complete Without a Postbiotic
(BPT) - The start of a new year has many people thinking about their health, reflecting on ways they can improve their overall well-being. At the top of that list, consumers are still prioritizing and highly attuned to the resiliency of their immune system - not just during the fall and winter mont... Read More

New year, new habits: Kick off 2023 with these 4 healthy cooking tips
(BPT) - The beginning of the year is a great time to start new habits, especially if one of your New Year's resolutions is to get healthier in 2023. One area you can focus on is your cooking habits."What you cook and eat can hugely impact your health," said Anthony Serrano, a GoodCook Culinary chef... Read More

Be Well, Stay Well: New Year Wellness Check
(BPT) - Taking care of ourselves and each other is critical at any age. A 2022 survey of members by AARP Services confirmed that adults 50-plus share that sentiment. Seventy-one percent agreed with the statement, "My health is my biggest concern," while 89% agreed with the statement, "Taking care o... Read More

Suffering from another UTI? Ask your doctor these questions
(BPT) - A urinary tract infection (also called a UTI) is one of the most common infections worldwide and can impact anyone of any age. For some people, infections are easily identified and cleared with treatment from a health care provider. However, for some people, UTIs are an ongoing problem that... Read More

Set & Reach Your Wellness Goals For 2023 and Beyond!
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Is mouth breathing really that bad? Yes, especially for older adults
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Get Your Skin Clear for the New Year with an Award-Winning Acne Treatment
(BPT) - If an acne-free complexion is one of your New Year's resolutions, you're in luck! There's a revolutionary award-winning treatment that influencers, beauty experts and leading dermatologists are buzzing about.Introducing AviClear™, the acne treatment that was awarded 'Best Laser Tr... Read More

Learning to live with narcolepsy: A mental health counselor shares his journey
(BPT) - Mental health counselor and avid hiker Chris knew something was going on with his health. He was not only feeling tired all the time, but despite napping every day, he still fell asleep at movies, at work - even while meeting with clients. Chris knew it was time to seek medical help.After m... Read More

Persistence and self-advocacy: A journey to find treatment for Thyroid Eye Disease (TED)
(BPT) - Raquel, an avid traveler and baker who works in investing, didn't think her eyes looked different until she started noticing them in pictures. She enjoyed posting pictures on social media, but eventually, she couldn't stop seeing her eyes, and only her eyes, in photos. They always looked bl... Read More

4 ways to maintain your wellness goals this winter
(BPT) - Now that winter is officially in full swing, cold weather and shorter days are upon us, which can make it harder to stick to your wellness goals and resolutions. However, Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist Dawn Jackson Blatner offers the following tips that can help you invest in your we... Read More

These decadent chocolate bars won’t derail your New Year’s resolutions
(BPT) - The new year is a time to reflect and think about how you can live better both for yourself and the world around you. One popular resolution is to eat less sugar, but chocolate lovers struggle to give up their favorite treat. The good news is, now you don't have to.If you're resolving to ea... Read More

How technology can be incorporated in your bathroom to enhance wellness
(BPT) - Creating a spa-like bathroom that enhances your overall well-being is seriously on trend, and for good reason. Self-care can become part of your daily ritual if you make your bathroom into a calm oasis that supports your well-being - and technology can help create that sanctuary. Technology... Read More

5 Ideas to Infuse Fun into the Family Routine This Winter
(BPT) - As we enter a new year during the cold, dark months of winter, it's easy for anyone to lose their spark. It can be especially challenging to motivate your kids after a long holiday break. By shaking up the routine and infusing some fun and creativity into family activities, you can help bea... Read More

New Year’s Resolutions are a Thing of the Past. Start Building Healthy Habits Instead
(BPT) - It's an experience shared by many: You make an ambitious health resolution at the start of the year and a few months - or weeks - later, you lose steam and throw in the towel. This year break the cycle of broken resolutions by focusing on simple, yet effective ways you can impact your welln... Read More

Quitting Might Be the Best Gift to Give Yourself This Year
(BPT) - The best time to quit using any form of tobacco is always now. Keep these three things in mind as you start your quit journey with the New Year.Prioritizing our own mental and physical health is critical. One way to improve your health is to quit using any form of tobacco - for good. No mat... Read More

4 ways to invest in healthier habits (and yourself) this new year
(BPT) - Making New Year's resolutions is easy, but keeping them can be a struggle. Whether you want to spend more time meditating, increase your activity or change your eating habits, following through on your commitments can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. If you want to make better choi... Read More

4 ways to improve the air you breathe indoors
(BPT) - Especially in the winter months, most people spend the bulk of each day - up to 90%* - indoors, according to the U.S. EPA. Unfortunately, whether at home, in the car or at work, indoor air has been shown to be three times more polluted than outdoor air, posing a significant threat to even h... Read More

Winter Tips for Adults with Plaque Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis
(BPT) - Though winter can be a time of fun and festivities, it can be challenging for people living with plaque psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis. The symptoms of these diseases can be exacerbated by the cold - and the anticipation of the season can quickly be replaced by stress. Check out three per... Read More

4 ways to prioritize nutrition on the go according to a registered dietitian
(BPT) - Life is busy and it can be challenging to make sure you - and your family - are getting the nutrition you need to stay energized and nourished all day long. Fortunately, registered dietitian Kristin Kirkpatrick, M.S. Quest partner, RDN, former lead dietitian at Cleveland Clinic and founder ... Read More

Delicious beef recipes to start your new year out strong
(BPT) - The new year is a time to refocus on your health and the things that bring you joy. Fortunately, what you eat can help you achieve both and getting your year off to a strong start, both literally and figuratively, is easy, especially when you try new recipes featuring delicious, wholesome i... Read More

2023 health and wellness trends to take with you all year
(BPT) - With the new year comes new goals, new resolutions, new trends - and a new you. Colette Heimowitz, vice president of Nutrition and Education at Simply Good Foods Company, is sharing a few of the latest trends in health and wellness that will help you navigate an overall better lifestyle for... Read More

How to stay proactive about your health with multi-cancer early detection screening
(BPT) - There are many ways to be proactive about staying healthy-from having a balanced diet and getting enough sleep to exercising.Having recommended cancer screenings like mammograms and colonoscopies is another way to take control of your health. These single-cancer screenings can find specific... Read More

Stay proactive about your health with multi-cancer early detection screening
-(BPT) - There are many ways to be proactive about staying healthy-from having a balanced diet and getting enough sleep to exercising.Having recommended cancer screenings like mammograms and colonoscopies is another way to take control of your health. These single-cancer screenings can find specifi... Read More

6 tips to avoid holiday halitosis and ensure a healthy smile all year
(BPT) - Good breath is important around the holidays, but good oral hygiene is important year-round. According to studies by the Oral Health Foundation, bad breath is often linked to foods high in sugar and acid - ingredients common in holiday favorite recipes!"Knowing you have fresh breath and a d... Read More

Half of Men Above Age 60 Experience Symptoms of Enlarged Prostate(1) – This Minimally Invasive Option May Help
(BPT) - Sal Ciresi (left) and his wife Carol at Arches National Park in Utah*As an anesthetist, Sal Ciresi spends his days in and out of the operating room and is unable to take breaks during procedures that can last hours. When urges of frequent urination began interfering with his work, he tried ... Read More

Get Your Flu Shot to Help Protect Against Flu and Its Complications
Sorry, but your browser does not support the video tag. var bptVideoPlayer = document.getElementById("bptVideoPlayer"); if (bptVideoPlayer) { var cssText = "width: 100%;"; cssText += " background: url('" + bptVideoPlayer.getAttribute("poster") + "');"; cssText += " -webkit-backgrou... Read More

Destination Kohler: 7 ways to enjoy a Midwest winter wonderland
(BPT) - Winter is a great time to take a trip and get away from it all while still enjoying the hallmarks of the season. If you're looking for a place to relax and indulge yourself, consider Destination Kohler.Located just two hours from Chicago and within an hour's driving distance from two Wiscon... Read More

My Journey with Schizophrenia: Finding Support and Treatment
(BPT) - Sponsored by Alkermes, Inc.The story you are about to read may not be representative of all people living with schizophrenia. The opinions expressed here are those of Keira, a person living with schizophrenia, and are not a substitute for medical advice or judgement. Always talk to your doc... Read More

Why I prioritize flu vaccination for my family: A mother’s tragic story
(BPT) - Flu season is here*1, and while many believe the flu isn't serious, especially if they consider themselves 'healthy,' it can sometimes be fatal.2That's a fact that Angie Wehrkamp and her family know all too well - in 2015, she lost her otherwise healthy daughter, Gianna, to the flu. That ye... Read More

Winter Health & Stress Relief: Prep Checklist
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This prescription savings tool can help all Americans save on medications
(BPT) - With rising out-of-pocket medication costs and difficulty navigating prescription pricing options, many Americans are cutting corners on their health and prescription adherence.An estimated 18 million people - 72% of U.S. adults - reported they could not pay for at least one doctor-prescrib... Read More

Road risks: How small-business owners help keep their fleet drivers safe
(BPT) - You depend on a few drivers to keep your small business thriving. You trust your drivers, but you're realistic. You know the road poses risks, especially in the form of distracted drivers. You worry that one accident could impact your business, not to mention potentially injuring an employe... Read More

Sounding up for lung cancer: Tips on feeling empowered
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Did you know comfort foods help soothe a broken heart?
(BPT) - When you think of all the things that happen in the busy month of December, breakups are probably the last thing that come to mind. However, research shows the holidays are a prime time for ending relationships.Whether it's a romantic partnership that's come to an end or a friendship that n... Read More

3 product labels help you do good while shopping
(BPT) - Did you know your dollars have the power to support positive change? Spending your money in ways that align with your values makes a difference for yourself and the causes close to your heart, while staying within your budget.The new year is the ideal time to think about how you can make a ... Read More

Breathe with confidence: 3 reasons why businesses should use tabletop air purifiers
(BPT) - Have you ever wondered what's in the indoor air you breathe? If you work in an office or own a business where there are face-to-face interactions with customers and co-workers, you may want to consider learning more about your indoor air quality.According to the U.S. Environmental Protectio... Read More

Diabetes technology helps former Disney Channel actress manage her type 1 diabetes
(BPT) - Jennifer Stone Shares How the Medtronic InPen™ System Helps Her Balance Demands of Dual CareerJennifer Stone, best known for her role as Selena Gomez's best friend Harper Finkle on the Disney Channel's 'Wizards of Waverly Place,' grew up in the limelight. She explains her high sc... Read More

5 ways to refresh your routine for the new year
(BPT) - With the start of a new year just around the corner, it's the perfect time to have a refreshed perspective on our health and well-being so we can continue to improve ourselves day by day. The new year brings new possibilities when it comes to our wellness routines, but sometimes it's hard t... Read More

Former news anchor becomes an advocate for the epilepsy community
(BPT) - By Sarah CarlsonImagine working, doing your job as usual, and suddenly losing control of your voice and body and eventually falling unconscious. That's what happened to me. I can barely remember the ride in the ambulance, and it was only once I was at the ER that I realized I had a seizure.... Read More

5 eye health mistakes you may not know you're making
(BPT) - As digital device use has increased significantly in recent years, so has the risk that our daily habits may have an impact on our vision. According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), more than 16 million Americans struggle with undiagnosed or untreated vision impairments, many o... Read More

Gearing up for 2023? Start by helping protect yourself against pneumococcal pneumonia
(BPT) - Stop for a moment and think about your top 5 New Year's resolutions. If you said them out loud right now, how many would be about your health?Did they include:exercising moreeating more healthilystopping smokingmeditatinggetting more quality sleepIs getting vaccinated against pneumococcal p... Read More

Gout causing winter woes? 5 ways to manage the condition
(BPT) - Many people love to travel, celebrate and indulge in favorite foods during the winter months. However, overdoing it can have a big impact on your health, especially if you have a chronic condition like gout.Think gout is uncommon? Think again. Gout is the most common form of inflammatory ar... Read More

Are you ready to prioritize your health goals? Help protect yourself against pneumococcal pneumonia.
(BPT) - As 2022 comes to a close and the new year approaches, it's the perfect time to reflect on your health goals from the past year. It's also a great time to set up new ones to reach for. This is especially important for people aged 19-64 with certain underlying medical conditions like asthma, ... Read More

Your nose knows: How smell is helping scientists detect brain disease and what you can do to help
(BPT) - Your sense of smell is a powerful part of the human experience. Smell strongly influences how something tastes. Emotion can be influenced by certain smells. And if your sense of smell is minimized or you've lost it completely, it could be an early indicator of brain disease.The nose knowsWh... Read More

What if there was a map to finding the best treatment for lung cancer?
(BPT) - You're an avid runner and cyclist. You eat well and don't smoke. Overall, you're doing all the right things when it comes to your health. Then you get diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. You know you're not invincible, but lung cancer didn't even seem like a possibility.This scenario refle... Read More

How Kabrina Clark's wish came true: A tropical surprise
(BPT) - When Kabrina Clark woke up on her 18th birthday, she had no idea what was in store for her.Just four years earlier when she was 14, Kabrina was diagnosed with cancer of the soft tissue, facing the fierce realities and difficult medical protocols that come with a devastating, life-threatenin... Read More

Scleroderma and PAH: Taking Control of Your Health
(BPT) - It's challenging to live with a rare disease. When faced with uncertainty about symptoms, support and treatment options, it's critical to seek out information and resources that can help you take control of your health.People living with scleroderma, or systemic sclerosis (SSc), understand ... Read More

What would your eulogy say?
(BPT) - We plan ahead for the things in life we look forward to - the birth of a baby, weddings, vacations and holidays. It doesn't come as naturally to plan for our funeral. It's easier to avoid the conversation altogether. But, by discussing your personal wishes for your final arrangements, you c... Read More

The impact of physical activity on loneliness and social isolation for older adults
(BPT) - It's been well-established that physical activity like walking, yoga and going to a fitness center has many health benefits for older adults. These include better sleep, less anxiety and reduced risk of heart disease, along with many other benefits that may improve overall health.But what i... Read More

Prevent missing out on activities: Get your flu vaccine today
(BPT) - Heavier jackets are out. Noses are running. Germs are thriving.During this time of year, it's important to arm yourself with information on how you can help protect yourself from the flu. This may be especially important this winter, with COVID-19 variants still prevalent in some communitie... Read More

Approach the holiday season with a whole-person health mentality
(BPT) - By Rhonda L. Randall, D.O., Chief Medical Officer at UnitedHealthcareThe holiday season can evoke a range of strong emotions. While stereotypically associated with feelings of joy and excitement, the holiday months can also be ridden with physical and mental demands - from cooking meals and... Read More

5 ways to maximize your health coverage benefits
(BPT) - Understanding the full scope of benefits provided by your health insurance plan can be confusing. From premiums and deductibles to in-network providers and co-pays, there's a lot to wrap your head around. But if you take some time to understand all the perks, you may find several money-savi... Read More

Taking a holiday vacation with your pet? 4 tips from a veterinarian for keeping them safe during travel
(BPT) - Are you planning to take your pet with you on your holiday travels? You're not alone. According to Lodging Magazine, 54% of pet owners planned to travel with their pets in 2022.Holiday trips and get-togethers can be fun for the whole family but it's important to prepare the four-legged memb... Read More

Testing for osteoporosis: Assessing your risk for bone breaks
(BPT) - As people age, they become more likely to develop osteoporosis, a disease that occurs when bones lose density and mass. This can cause bones to be brittle, weak and easily broken. The good news is, if you're at risk of osteoporosis, there are proactive measures you can take to monitor your ... Read More

Money worries making the holidays less merry? 5 tips from a financial therapist to rein in financial anxiety
(BPT) - It's the most wonderful time of the year, and this season, consumers are prepared to spend extra on festive gatherings, gift-giving and spreading holiday cheer! However, the holiday hustle can also significantly strain financial and mental well-being, especially in today's challenging econo... Read More

4 things U.S. workers need to know when health worsens after COVID
(BPT) - The American workforce has been hit hard by COVID-19 in the past few years. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that by November 2022, there have been 97.6 million cases in the U.S. In addition, a recent report from Brookings found that about 16 million working-age Americ... Read More

How to restock your diabetes emergency kit before the end of the year
(BPT) - The end of the year is fast approaching. For patients living with diabetes, this is a great time to check your emergency kit and replenish it with any supplies and prescriptions while maximizing your insurance benefits.The end of the year means your insurance deductible and FSA will soon re... Read More

4 Strategies to Improve Infection Control Knowledge Among Healthcare Workers
(BPT) - Every healthcare worker plays a critical role in infection control and protecting their patients, their coworkers and themselves from infectious disease threats in healthcare settings.Over the past few years, the U.S. healthcare system and healthcare workers faced unprecedented challenges -... Read More

Myth-busting 4 misconceptions of moderate-to-severe eczema
(BPT) - Sponsored by PfizerLiving with moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis - also known as eczema - can be challenging.[1] In addition to having the physical burden that includes flare-ups of red, itchy, painful skin, there can also be a significant emotional and social impact.[2],[3],[4],[5] But ... Read More

Top health benefits of incorporating fresh pet food in your dog’s diet
(BPT) - If you're worried whether you're giving your dog the best food for their health, you're not alone. The newest generation of pet parents consider their pet's food choices to be just as important as their own. Compared to previous generations, the next generation of pet parents are five times... Read More

What Older Adults Need to Know about COVID-19 to Help Stay Safe this Winter Season
(BPT) - By: Danielle Hambrick, PharmDAs colder weather drives us to spend more time indoors, it's critical to plan for the spread of respiratory infections and get vaccinated, especially for those who are the most vulnerable - adults over the age of 65 and those with chronic conditions. The Departm... Read More

6 tips to prevent winter injuries
(BPT) - The hustle and bustle of the holiday season can get the best of even the most organized of people, leaving you frazzled and distracted. During the rush of the holiday season, another thing that can be neglected or overlooked is the risk for injuries.Accidents can happen throughout the seaso... Read More

Learn about PPP, a rare disease that causes temporary paralysis
(BPT) - Imagine you're a college student performing with your musical theater troupe. It's summertime and swampy-hot at the outdoor venue, and it doesn't help that you're wearing a pioneer dress that weighs about 10 pounds. But you're singing and dancing under the spotlights, and your partner is pi... Read More

5 better holiday baking tips to elevate your celebrations
(BPT) - Baking during the holidays is a great way to bring family and friends together. Whether you're trying out a new recipe or following old traditions, there are plenty of ways to elevate your holiday baking! Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist Dalina Soto shares some better baking tips below... Read More

How a HouseCalls visit changed – and may have saved – one man’s life
(BPT) - A knock on the door at Roy Gault's home may have saved his life.Roy, who is in his late 70s, was feeling fine when nurse practitioner Diana Dombrowski showed up at his home for a HouseCalls visit.Mentally and physically, Roy felt sharp, and the last thing he thought he needed was an in-home... Read More

How one test can determine your food sensitivities — and help improve your health
(BPT) - Research has found that 70% of illnesses can be prevented by changes in lifestyle and diet. While many Americans may believe that food affects their health, most don't know what to believe when it comes to eating healthfully. Many people don't think much about the connection between food an... Read More

5 tips for remote caregiving
(BPT) - If you're one of the millions of caregivers in the United States, you know that caregiving can be difficult. The last few years may have brought unexpected new challenges, such as the need for social distancing and isolation during COVID-19. But even now, it's important to remember that you... Read More

New options for affordable insulin
(BPT) - In the United States, there are 37.3 million people with diabetes. And for many, diabetes is an expensive and complex medical condition, often requiring multiple medications - including insulin - and regular doctor visits. In fact, diabetes is the most expensive chronic condition in the nat... Read More

Planning for the unexpected: When caregiving happens without warning
(BPT) - When a medical emergency or sudden change in health occurs, loved ones may be thrust into a caregiving role they did not expect. Oftentimes, this can be an overwhelming change to their routine, their life and their mental health. As they begin to manage this new reality, it can sometimes be... Read More

Suffering from Constipation? It Could be IBS-C or CIC
(BPT) - While many adults experience constipation at various times in their lives and know how uncomfortable it can be, when those symptoms are severe and stick around for long periods of time, you may be suffering from irritable bowel syndrome with constipation (IBS-C) or chronic idiopathic consti... Read More

Understanding Endometrial Cancer [Infographic]
(BPT) - Take charge of your health. Click here to learn more about endometrial cancer; resources are available for you, including a helpful discussion guide on when (and how) to talk to your doctor.... Read More

Understanding Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC) [Infographic]
(BPT) - To access more information about cancer, click here.... Read More

How People Living with Classic Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH) Can Help Advance Research
(BPT) - Patient registries are a way for researchers to collect data outside of clinical trials to increase understanding of the natural history of a particular condition. The data are used to study outcomes, monitor best practices within the framework of the standard of care, and accelerate the de... Read More

Get the Facts: Things to Know About Prostate Cancer and a Treatment Option
(BPT) - This content is sponsored and provided by Myovant Sciences and Pfizer Inc.Did you know that men are less likely to go to the doctor than women? A study conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control in 2018 found that nearly a quarter of men had not seen a doctor in the past year - while... Read More

Don’t let the end of 2022 sabotage your New Year's resolutions
(BPT) - Have you ever thought that, since you're starting a healthy new lifestyle tomorrow, you may as well throw all your healthy goals out the window - just for today? If so, you're not alone. As one year ends and a new year approaches, many people considering health-related resolutions are alrea... Read More

Managing Life With COPD [Infographic]
(BPT) - While COPD is a progressive and serious disease, it can be treated. There are steps that people with COPD can take to better manage their condition as they continue to live their lives.Viatris and Theravance are dedicated to providing resources and information to those living with COPD, as ... Read More

New year, best you: 4 practical tips for investing in your health in 2023
(BPT) - A new year means a fresh start and a new set of earnest attempts at self-improvement, especially when it comes to health and wellness. According to Statista, last year's top three U.S. New Year's resolutions included wanting to exercise more, eat healthier and lose weight.However, according... Read More

Three Myths That Might Be Standing Between You and the Right COPD Therapy
(BPT) - Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a progressive lung disease that gradually makes breathing difficult - especially as the disease progresses. If you (or someone you love) are one of the nearly 16 million people in the United States currently living with COPD, you may have misp... Read More

3 convenient meals to incorporate more fruit in your busy life
(BPT) - Do you eat enough fruit? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 87.7% of American adults do not meet the daily recommended fruit intake of 1.5 to 2 cups.To function well and feel your best, it's important to increase one's fresh fruit intake - but it's easier said than... Read More

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