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home : opinion : opinion June 10, 2023

5/4/2022 12:01:00 AM
Is France Doomed Without Le Pen?
Or are there reasons to hope, even as Europe drowns in liberalism?
ROW 1: (L-R) Marion Maréchal Le Pen and Marine Le Pen, 
ROW 2: (L-R) Ron DeSantis and Emmanuel Macron
ROW 3: Marion Maréchal Le Pen addresses the CPAC meeting, four years ago. American Republicans are just mad about Marion, and they even compare her to Trump. (Time Magazine Photo)
ROW 4:Louis XX, the de jure king of France, seen here in flanking double images, is joined by his wife, Marie Marguerite, the Duchess of Anjou. (Daily Mail Photo)
ROW 5: I’m flying my Bourbon flag in defiance of the evil French republic and the sawed-off usurper, little Manny Macron. No, Micro Macron is not the legitimate ruler of France. Louis XX is, by the Living Christ, and this is his family’s flag.  (Photo By Thomas Lark)
ROW 6: Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre: saviour of France and the Catholic Church (Contributed Photo)

ROW 1: (L-R) Marion Maréchal Le Pen and Marine Le Pen,

ROW 2: (L-R) Ron DeSantis and Emmanuel Macron

ROW 3: Marion Maréchal Le Pen addresses the CPAC meeting, four years ago. American Republicans are just mad about Marion, and they even compare her to Trump. (Time Magazine Photo)

ROW 4:Louis XX, the de jure king of France, seen here in flanking double images, is joined by his wife, Marie Marguerite, the Duchess of Anjou. (Daily Mail Photo)

ROW 5: I’m flying my Bourbon flag in defiance of the evil French republic and the sawed-off usurper, little Manny Macron. No, Micro Macron is not the legitimate ruler of France. Louis XX is, by the Living Christ, and this is his family’s flag.  (Photo By Thomas Lark)

ROW 6: Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre: saviour of France and the Catholic Church (Contributed Photo)

From The Desk Of
Thomas Lark

PARIS––C’est très triste.

I knew Macron would steal last week’s French election. As bad as things are in France and the rest of Europe––with lunkheaded liberals running amok, killing Western civilisation by cultural suicide, and murderous Mohammedans killing people at will––you’d think Marine Le Pen would have been a counteractive shoo-in. But in a very strange time, when elections are pre-determined by Chinese computer-hackers, what else can one expect?

Oh, sure. Good, old Viktor Orbán––the leader of the free world––recently won big again as Hungary’s prime minister, much to the chagrin of that country’s most despised expatriate, the evil Georg Soros: a man, I’m very sorry to say, who apparently still draws breath and continues to damn the world with his serpentine presence. And closer to home, the noble Ron DeSantis continues to be the best governor Florida has ever had, and he’s routinely favourably compared to the wonderful Orbán.

Alas, Hungary is not the rest of Europe, and Florida is not the rest of the American Empire. If Orbán won handily in his country (and most Americans are Hungary for his kind of real leadership), it can only be because the land of the Magyars––small, conservative, Catholic, non-global, self-contained and wishing only to be left alone––simply isn’t on China’s radar.

But France is. The brutal truth is that some countries matter more than others, and France matters far more than Hungary. Hence, the meddling of the Chinese Communist Party in the French elections. France still has the sixth-largest economy in the world, and it has nukes. It’s overrun by Mohammedan invaders, and its government, its culture and its biggest cities are all shot-through with liberals of the very worst sort, even––quelle horreur!––communists. Its unaccountable seeming self-loathing sometimes rivals that of Germany, which has become a nation of cowards in the 77 years since a certain Austrian guttersnipe hijacked it and led it to ruin before escaping to Argentina.

Nothing is as good as it was back in the ’80’s.

When my sister and I visited France in the 1980’s, it was a very different place.

Sure, the Parisian waiters were snotty. But that’s Paris. It’s the New York City of France, and such behaviour is to be expected. It helps if you make a sincere effort to speak their language, and your pronunciation and vocabulary are good. And if you get out into the countryside of Provence, Normandy, Burgundy, the Vendée (the nation’s most Catholic and traditional province) and other such rural areas, you find the real France; la France profonde of Dumas, Monet, Debussy et la Belle Époque.

It was still to be found in rural pockets 10 years ago, when my late father-in-law spent a month in a gîte in Provence. Being a senior citizen, for mere pennies he was able to ride the bus around this entire Texas-sized country. His French was so fluent, he invariably passed as a native.

In a rural pub, he saw a kid watching a dubbed version of “CHiPs,” the American cop show from 40 years ago, on his computer ’phone.

“You like America?” he asked him in French.

“Oh, no,” the boy replied. “I love America.”

See? France is not all liberal and lost. There are half a million traditional Catholics in the country. They go to weekly Mass. They march in the streets to protest murdered babies. The men are manly; they hunt, fish and stay true to their wives. The women have lots of babies. You know: normal society, the way things used to be, back before the Hippies, commies and lobotomised liberal lunkheads of every stripe ruined the world.

These people know how to have fun. Nobody enjoys life like a traditional Frenchman. They work 20 to 30 hours a week. But when they work, they really work, getting a helluva lot done. They then linger over two-hour lunches with wine, and by the early afternoon, it’s home to the wife and kids. You know, the way God intended. Plus, they get six weeks of paid vacation every year. Hey, even a blind pig finds a truffle now and again, and even the French government gets one or two things right.

Talking of which, I’m flying my Bourbon flag right now: simultaneously a vexillological two-fingered salute to said illegitimate government and Micro Macron and a sign of support of the real France––that of Louis XX and his fellow Bourbons. The flag features the fleur-de-lys, at once a symbol of the Blessed Virgin Mary and, with its tripartite petals, the Holy Trinity.

C’est tragique.

But en balance, France’s situation, beset by liberal traitors, is truly a global tragedy. The Eldest Daughter of the Church was once the world’s number-one economic and military power, back in the marvellous days of good, old Louis XIV. But France fell on very hard times after it won the American Colonies’ illegitimate and un-Christian revolt for independence. It plunged into Masonic chaos in 1789, giving the entire nation an identity crisis from which it has never recovered. The French republic is an abhorrent thing, wholly illegitimate, un-French, as phoney as a three-dollar bill and as anti-Christian as it’s possible to be.

Still, whilst it was very true when Louis famously said, “L’état, c’est moi,” when it comes to merely democratically elected governments (high-school popularity contests on steroids), one needs must separate a nation itself from its usurping, illegitimate government. That’s true of America (and of my own nation, Dixieland, illegally occupied by a foreign power since 1865), and it’s true of France and most of Europe. 

Embodying the unfortunate spirit of modern (God’s Blood! How I loathe that very word, “modern”! Pardon me whilst I spit.) Europe is wee Manny Macron: a sawed-off, balding mama’s boy, who hates his own country; is in love with relativism; and is bent on destroying France and Western civilisation itself. The man is a traitor, whose trademark is selling out his nation to Mohammedan invaders and liberals, neither of whom belong anywhere north of Algeria. Macron and all his miserable ilk should be locked up for the collective threat they all pose to public safety.

We all know Donaldus Rex won in ’16. The most popular president since Theodore Roosevelt, Trump pulled in a quarter-million supporters at five events a day, compared with his reanimated corpse opponent, who quite literally had a larger Secret Service detail at his non-events than he had audience members. Even in addlebrained Asheville, North Carolina’s awful answer to that nauseating Sodom, San Francisco, Gollum couldn’t fill a Seven-Eleven parking lot.

Very similarly, in France, Macron and the libs screwed the pooch so badly that a little, yellow dog could’ve beaten them. Still, I knew the Chinese would pull something cute, and so they did. The oddsmakers and bookies in London said Le Pen was a slam-dunk; the odds-on favourite: four to one against the pusillanimous poison dwarf. But on that dies horribilis, the numbers––massaged, very suspect and probably fictitious––showed Macron beating Le Pen by a whopping 17 percentage points. Surely those emasculated, little libs would be beating their flaccid chests and whooping in their high, whiny, nasally voices.

But it’s apparently not that easy. Le Pen did much better this time around than when she first faced said cockroach (Somebody please crush him!) five years ago. But in an era of massive civil unrest, when Louis XX––a successful businessman and the de jure king of France––marches with the Yellow Jackets through the Parisian streets, many observers report that the Left is actually running scared, and Macron is wetting himself.

According to Fraser Myers of Spiked, four in 10 French voters chose Le Pen. C’est énorme.

“For our pro-EU élites to treat this election as some great victory is absurd,” Myers wrote a few days ago. “On the contrary, the election confirms that Le Pen, her National Rally party and Right-wing populism more broadly are now a permanent feature of French politics. Macron’s mission, to see off the far Right, to defeat what he calls the ‘leprosy’ of nationalism and populism, has comprehensively failed.

“Three of the past five presidential elections have featured a run-off between a centrist candidate and a member of the Le Pen dynasty,” he continues. “Back in 2002, it was considered an international scandal that Jean-Marie Le Pen, Marine’s father and former leader of the National Front, could even reach the second round, where he won 18 per cent of the vote. By 2017, Marine Le Pen had nearly doubled the hard Right’s vote share. And this year, with 41 per cent, she has scored the highest vote share for the hard Right in the history of the Fifth Republic.

“The divides in France could hardly be starker,” Myers adds. “Macron trounced Le Pen in large metropolitan areas, scoring more than 85 per cent of the vote in Paris. Meanwhile, so-called peripheral France––the rural areas, the post-industrial towns, the vast swathes of urban sprawl––have become fertile ground for populism. These forgotten parts of France have produced both the populist gilets jaunes (yellow vests or yellow jackets) revolt and the surge in support for Le Pen.”

Myers notes Macron’s arrogance, dismissiveness and highhandedness have made him despised by most people, even those stupid enough to be members of his own looney-Lefty party.

“Voters are increasingly frustrated at being told that there is no alternative,” he adds, “and being cajoled to vote for a candidate they otherwise loathe…This story is playing itself out all over Europe. Left-wing parties, especially those of the centre-Left, are bleeding working-class support to the populist Right. And this is hardly surprising, given the Left has completely failed to engage with, and thus potentially shape, the populist movement…The French establishment may have narrowly escaped its worst nightmare this time around, but it is more fragile than ever. Meanwhile, the Left remains a bit-part player. For all the triumphalism today, the populist revolt is far from over.”

Is Le Pen perfect? Mais non. Oui, je sais that at 53, she’ll live to fight another day. But it’s her niece––Jean-Marie’s granddaughter, Marion Maréchal Le Pen––who is, at 32, the heiress apparent and is actually even better. Savvy, sexy and sophisticated, Marion is the future, and she’s a big hit with Trumpists. Her speech at a 2018 CPAC meeting of American Republicans was so well received, she was rewarded with a standing ovation and likened to Trump himself.

Like her aunt, Marion realises (as all right-thinking people do) that Mohammedanism is utterly inimical to the West and that this poisonous vine must be ripped up, root and branch, before it strangles France and Western civilisation itself. The only solution is en-masse expulsion and repatriation (as humanely as possible; let the government foot the bill), without exception, of every last Mohammedan in France and in Europe. She knows that illegal immigration is the problem of our time, and it only facilitates terrorism, as countless examples of knife and car attacks, mass shootings and bombings and individual cases of theft, harassment, rape and murder amply prove.

“Islam has declared jihad on France,” Marion recently said, and she likened the evil Turkish dictator, the usurping and illegal Recep Erdogan, to a satanic sultan, occupying land that is not truly at all the ridiculously-named “Turkey,” but actually Greater Greece––the lands evangelised by St Paul himself, not 2,000 years ago.

Moreover, Erdogan and Turkey are sponsors of terrorism. And France and Europe are their targets. They seek to accomplish by socio-political trickery what their bloody ancestors failed to do at the Battle of Lepanto on Oct. 7, 1571, at the Battle of Vienna on Sept. 12, 1683, and innumerable other occasions.

“Just like many other French people, I can no longer bear having to count and mourn all the dead,” Marion said recently, re the countless Mohammedan murders in her land, adding that the situation is untenable. “This is how civil wars start…So yes, we are at war.”

Éric Zemmour, Marine Le Pen’s erstwhile same-side rival, was even blunter.

“Immigration is war,” he recently said.

Vive la France traditionnel

One enthusiastic Stateside supporter of Zemmour was Patrick Fields, formerly of Charlotte. Now a South Carolina-based public-school French teacher, Fields has lived and taught in France, Brasil and elsewhere.

“Unexpected as it may be, the nation that folded to the Wehrmacht in six weeks…is now the hope of Europe and perhaps the world, notwithstanding the failure of Zemmour or Le Pen to capture the Élysée,” he said Sunday. “Why do I say that? Four reasons––(1): France is the only country where someone such as Le Pen makes it to the finals of the national election. Remember Theresa May and Boris Johnson are in the ‘Conservative’ party in the UK, as were McCain and Romney in the US––huh? (2): The EU is on the verge of drying up and blowing away. (3): Marion is correct about an impending civil war in France. Does anyone other than Macron really believe that the fire at Notre-Dame was the result of a cigarette butt? And (4): thanks to Marine and her dad and the rest of the family and folks like Éric Zemmour, the side of truth and justice has the leadership in France to win. Notice, Le Pen’s National Rally gets closer to victory each time. Maybe next time it will be Marion’s turn, and Macron is term-limited out.”

Plus, for all of France’s recent hideous mistakes (the work of decades of undermining by Masons, communists, atheists and other decidedly un-French undesirables), France did produce the great man––the scholarly and altruistic Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, founder of the Society of St Pius X––­who singlehandedly preserved a sizeable remnant of the Catholic Church (per Scripture, Tradition and prophecy) from the evils of Vatican II, now embodied by the satanic Francis the Worst, as Fields noted.

“France,” he said, “has also given us the greatest saint of the 20th century: Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. Grace a lui et le Bon Dieu (en français: “Thanks to him and the Good God”), France is the home of over half of the Traditional Catholic population of the world: a huge reason why France enjoys a sustainable birth rate, while Russia, Poland, Italy, Germany and Spain face demographic oblivion.”

And the satanic EU will not help. Quelle surprise. And said cowardly Germans have such a high population of Orcs––I mean, Turks––they’re afraid to do Schmidt about it. Not for nothing have the Le Pens called for the useless, intrusive and Orwellian EU to be destroyed. If France leaves, as the Le Pens have long advocated, the entire EU will collapse like a bad soufflé.

De Gaulle was on the right track. Not long before he died in 1970, when France was beginning to be overrun by dangerous, always unassimilable Mohammedans, he said that he was not against immigration per se. De Gaulle simply advocated turning off the tap north of 99 per cent, or else:

“France will cease to be France.”

Marion Le Pen has said France must be freed from the damnable declarations and ridiculous rules of the European Court of (so-called) Human Rights and from EU restrictions re immigration. These stupid rules prevent France from deporting terrorists.

Et la famille Le Pen? Alas, the National Front is not a unified front. Marion actually recently supported Zemmour, not her aunt. Some observers thought him even better and more conservative than Marine Le Pen. But he was the victim of character assassination by the evil French media, long known for its liberal lunkheadedness. Those ink-stained idiots somehow deliberately conflated Zemmour with Putin. Tellement stupide!

Also unlike her aunt, according to sources, Marion is a practising Catholic. She attends Mass and is against killing babies. Bonne fille.

Still, one needs must be clear. The Le Pens are not conservative: only less liberal. They still believe in the French republic (How stupid!), and they seem unable to imagine anything else.

Un jour, Marine et Marion. Désolé, mes amies. Merci beaucoup, et bon chance.

But real conservatism exists only in traditional Catholic absolute monarchism. Only there and nowhere else. This is the socio-politico-religio-cultural paradigm that made the West what it was; that made it great for more than a millennium; the seamless garment of Scripture and Tradition: the nexus of altar-and-throne and the total integration of truly Christian thought and teaching into all elements of society.

And it is Louis XX––loving husband and father and friend of the working man––who truly embodies this kingly ideal. He has told the Yellow Jackets that he is there, should they need him, and this, amongst other similar things, has Macron micturating all over his cheap suit.

France is poised at a pivotal moment. It stands ready for Tolkien’s Return of the King. And a restoration of the real France––of real hope, real tradition and the Faith of our fathers––may be closer than we dream.

Ce jour, Le Pen. Et demain, le Roi!

Vive le Roi! Et vive la France traditionnel, royale et Catholique!

---The views and opinions expressed in “A Conservative Point of View” are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Lincoln Herald.

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