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home : opinion : expert lacey-love, health&fitness, general problems March 20, 2023

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Expert Lacey
Expertise: Love, Health&Fitness, General Problem
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I`m open and available to answer questions regarding Romance, Health & Fitness or just General questions of something you’re dealing with. I want to share my experience, strength and hope to help you find the answer you seek and give you peace.
Please keep it clean. No names, Profanity or any related words that can identify a person or business. 


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Q: stuck-in-neutral
I've been casually dating a man who lives out of state most of the year for business purposes. He nor I have the time to combine our lives just yet but we exchange the "L" word on occasion which is very weird for us both, more so myself as for I've never said it to any man. Over the past two years we've spent playing games of power struggles and rejection on both sides. We've finally came to mutual terms on the fact that we may one day take the next step, but I'm still torn on whether he's a waste of my time or my future husband. Is this worth my time?

Dec 19, 2014, at 5:44 AM

A: Hello stuck-in-neutral!
Well first, it's obvious you both care for each other very much to have invested two years into this. Is it worth your time? Well, imagine your life without him? How does it look? I think there is a reason the two of you, despite the distance and difficulties, are still proceeding in this relationship. My best advice, is tell him how you truly feel and just put your heart out there. No more games or holding everything back. That's the best you can do and may be what you and him need to move forward. Remember, no time spent caring for someone is time wasted. It's time well spent :) I wish you both the very best in your future!

Posted: December 21, 2014 12:00 AM
Q: I have been broken up with my last girlfriend for over a year now, but I still can't get over her. I really want to win her back, but her new boyfriend is a high school senior and I don't want to get beat up. What should I do to win her back? My friends told me I should "move out of my mom's house," and "get a real job," but I need real suggestions. Thanks for your help. 

Posted 11/13/2014 1:09:00 PM

A: Hello mommasboy143:

First off, don't listen to your friends. Do what YOU feel is important and follow your heart. I would suggest talking to your ex, tell her how you feel and just put it out there. But respect that she does have a boyfriend and keep it appropriate. Some things are meant to be, and some are not. Who knows she might be the "one" for you and if not its okay. The right one IS out there for you, and you will find her. Stay positive and its okay to be heartbroken sometimes. That's what makes us love even stronger. You'll gain more from this experience then you think. I wish you all the best!
Lacey :)

11-13-14    9:16pm

Q: Animal Allergies posted 11-5-14  6:23
Hey Lacy, My name is catlover. I have lots of animals in my house and in my yard and just recently my son become allergic to my cat. My cat named Mr. whiskers is also like my child and my husband wants to get rid of him. What is my options out there to be able to keep Mr. Whiskers and my family too?

A: Hello Catlover. I'm sure your feeling like you have to choose between one or the other. And your not alone; many families deal with this. First you need to look at the medical aspect for your son and realize that is most important. If it is severe, then Mr whiskers may need a new home. If this is the result, maybe someone close to you can adopt him. That way you can see him as often as you like and know that he is well taken care of. If it is not severe and you can keep him, talk it out with your family and possibly your sons allergy dr. You can maybe make an area for mr. Whiskers to keep him away from your son and his things. Just make sure your sons health is first priority. It may not be an easy decision, but it will benefit in the long run. Wish you, your family and mr. Whiskers all the best! 

Lacey :)
Q: Health & Fitness  Posted 11-6-14  10:11:am
Hello Lacy my name is fatlegs27, I am a 42 year old woman and I work out in the gym 5 to 7 day a week. I eat correctly and do all the things your supposed to do in loosing weight. I have managed to get my midsection down to a small size buy no matter what I do I cannot seem to loose the weight around my legs. What am I doing wrong?

A: First off, let me say, good for you! You are on the right track! Sounds like you need to really target your legs, which is normal! That seams to be the hardest part for females. I would make sure to do lots of cardio and not flat walking. Change it up; walk at elevations, stair stepper, elliptical. Something different than just the treadmill. You need to shock your muscles to make the change. Also, you can do numerous exercises to target your legs. Such as leg lifts, squats, leg extensions. Start looking up on the Internet leg exercises for woman; there are some great ones! Or watch some of the others at the gym. Watching is sometimes the best learning tequnique when working out! Don't give up! You are on the right track and will see some progress soon! 

Lacey :)
Q: Relationship Advice  11-5-14    9:45pm
My name is confused007. I am single white male in a relationship that is complicated. I try to express my feelings to my girlfriend with total rejection. 

How do you if you’re really in love and how do you deal with rejection?

A: Hello confused007. First understand more than likely she's rejecting you because of something she's personally dealing with that is probably totally unrelated to you. It could be something from her past or she may be uncomfortable when it comes to opening up and sharing her feelings.  I wouldn't push it, that may just push her away. Instead I would take it step by step showing her why your expressing yourself; because you love her. Don't beat yourself up, she's more than likely not trying to hurt you. Take it slow and talk things out. I wish you both the best!  

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